Smart Countdown 3

  • You'd love to read a good mystery.

    Did Sid? is the debut novel by Paul Robins.

    It's 1980. The capitol of California is experiencing a curious crime wave, and all the clues point to Sid Bigler. An insecure deli owner is transformed into an equally insecure private detective as Sid scrambles to prove to the police, the press, and his girlfriend, that he's innocent. Somebody did it, Did Sid?

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    "Read your book over the weekend
    and just could not put it down...
    I love sid & the whole gang."

    - John Lescroart, NY Times Bestseller.

    “Bought the book. Read the book.
    Loved the book!”

    - Jan Young

    “Great plot, great story,
    lovable & unique characters.”

    - Leslie N. Mathews

    “I couldn’t put it down…
    I know what I like, and
    I like your writing style.
    A lot.”

    - Donna Apidone, Capital Public Radio

    “I’m anxiously awaiting his next novel.”

    - Stephen Purvis

    “Sid did catch my attention and keep it
    from page one through page 325!”

    - Lynda Ogden

    “Read the novel in 2 days,
    couldn’t put it down!”

    - Carla Casey

    “I’m an avid reader and this is
    one of the best books I’ve read
    in a long time.”

    - Marcia Temple

    “Two of my friends bought it
    on my recommendation!
    Loved this book!”

    - Sheila Auth

    “…a righteous murder mystery that is
    impossible to put down.”

    - John McGinness, former Sacramento County Sheriff

    You'd love to discover a new author.

    Paul’s 30-year career began with stand-up comedy, transitioned to morning radio, detoured into cable TV where he was seen for many years on The Discovery Channel, then took an unexpected turn towards television news. Pretty good training ground for a storyteller…

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