• Avoid the Spoilers!

    If you haven’t read Paul’s first novel, there
    are a few delightful surprises that will be
    spoiled if you read the sequel first. 9 out
    of 10 book lovers agree— You will be a
    happier person if you read “Did Sid?” first.

    Ready for another great mystery?

    The long awaited sequel to "Did Sid?"
    by Paul Robins

    It’s 1985. Sid Bigler has been a licensed
    Private Detective for six months. When
    the woman of his dreams is shot as he
    holds her in his arms, Sid stumbles across
    a dark family secret that’s been buried
    for decades. What Sid knows will destroy
    the lives of people he loves. If he keeps
    his mouth shut…

    Who Does It Hurt?

JJ Social Slider